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Wes Anderson Releases Adidas Sneakers Extra Butter Collab

Sneakers Extra Butter

In 2014, when BOOST was still in its earliest stages, adidas were testing fiercely with new contemporary plans trying to discover their balance in the pined for way of life advertise. From this period of experimentation developed the Sneakers Extra Butter, a lightweight sprinter that stuck around minimal over a year prior to blurring into haziness.


Adidas Sneakers Extra Butter


At the last part of the SL Loop’s life expectancy, Sneakers Extra Butter outlined a velour-clad colab of the model’s Racer emphasis that was planned to discharge as a major aspect of their 2015 ‘Vanguard Collection.’ The outline was propelled by Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and its character Mr Gustave’s participation to the Society of the Crossed Keys. In the soul of society’s selectiveness, just 100 sets were planned for generation and expected for a family and companions discharge.


Adidas Sneakers Extra Butter


Additional Butter workmanship chief Bernie Gross imparted the unreleased example to Sole Collector and clarified its destiny. ‘Strategically, it was simply underway and examining extremely late.’ Gross clarified: ‘As we as a whole know with a considerable measure of shoes that need to do with anything copyrighting, it gets sort of bristly, so we chose to scrap it.’ truth be told, they rejected it before finishing a solitary combine – just a single left shoe exists.

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Given the death of the SL Loop, don’t wager on this unreleased Extra Butter x adidas colab consistently observing the light of day (however, adi, in case you’re understanding, we figure it would work fine and dandy on a BOOST sole… wink, prod push!)

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